Local Adult Programs In Invermere, BC for 2007-08

Spin Classes:
The 2006-2007 winter season was a busy one for our indoor cycling classes. With over 25 spinners involved regularly throughout 15 weeks and 30 sessions, this is a program we are continuing!

When: Fall Nov 6-Dec 13, 2007 Winter Jan 15-Mar 13, 2008
Time: 7:00-8:15 pm Tues & Thurs.
# of Participants: Minimum 7-Maximum 20
Full program cost: $150 (members fee)
Fall session cost: $70 (members fee)
Winter session cost: $105 (members fee)
Drop in fee: $8 per class (members fee)
Location: DTSS cafeteria
Coaches: Becca Wright, Ellen Kelly, and Joanne Bragg

Wednesday Night Women's Ride:
In its fourth year, this 6 week program is designed for any woman aged 16+ who is looking to learn the fundamentals of x-country mountain biking and enjoy some fun 'n fitness while they're at it. Focus is on building confidence, self-esteem, endurance, and skill. Last ride ends with dinner and bevies at Peppi's.

When: May 21-June 25, 2008
Time: 6:15-8:15pm Wednesday's
# of Participants: Minimum 4-Maximum 10
Cost: $60 (plus insurance)
Meeting Place: Rob's Bicycle Works
Coach: Becca Wright

For info or to register, Contact Us for details.